First Impressions

My eyeglasses fog immediately stepping from the air conditioned airport terminal to the unairconditioned baggage claim area. I cannot see two feet ahead of me. I take off the glasses, wipe my sweaty brow, and enter a strange new world.

Marhaba (welcome) to Dubai.

Dubai is like no other city in the world. As we drive down Sheik Zayed Road to our hotel, Fantasyland spreads out before us. Buildings twisted, turned, contorted into shapes unknown in nature and heretofore unbuilt in structure. We pass a modern day pyramid shaped like the original but with multicolored lights and an extra large artificial sarcophagus guarding from fake modern day mauraders. Farther down the road a phalanx of twisty, turny, arching lit up and lit down structures side by side by side. Then. Looming large, the world’s tallest building – the Burj Khalifa – sparkling like a diamond and visible for miles.


2017-03-23 17.55.28

I wonder if I’m dreaming.

I am brought to Dubai by my husband, a renowned international architect who has been relocated here to help head up the Design Division of one of the world’s largest engineering firms. It is an opportunity for him that we cannot pass up. Dubai is an architect’s playground and dream. What an architect dreams up, they will build out. The more unique, the better, and cost is rarely an object.
I leave a lucrative real estate business in Atlanta to come here. I have paired with other top agents in my Keller Williams Office, Cathy Lamon & Bob Seymour, to take care of my Atlanta business while I am away. I will get my real estate license here in Dubai and will work with clients relocating from the United States (like me) and from all over the world. I know I will succeed. It’s scary, but it’s exciting and invigorating more than it is frightening.
I hope that you will join me in exploring Dubai. I will document my travels and experiences for those who might wish to travel here, those who are moving here, and for those who merely want to experience Dubai from the comfort of their armchair at home.


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