“Old” Dubai

Dubai is a NEW city.   It sprung up from the desert faster than you can say “Inshallah” (“if God wills…”).  And you probably think of Dubai as many do – land of unique, wild, creative and brand new skyscrapers.  So “Old” Dubai would seem to be an oxymoron, but there IS, in fact, an “OLD” Dubai.  The Al Fahidi Historical District dates back to 1787 (the original building is now the Dubai Museum).

Here is found one of my favorite places in Dubai: the Sheikh Mohammed Center for Cultural Understanding.   I know so little about the Muslim faith and Islamic culture.  The Center exists to enlighten.   For today, I thought I would share just a few pictures of our visit, and encourage you when you are in Dubai to attend one of the Center’s programs.  Not only do they answer any and every question you may have about the faith, they will answer questions they know you are thinking but may be too embarrassed to ask (what do Muslim men wear under those white robes?  what do you pray five times a day?  why can Muslim men have multiple wives?).   The Center’s guides answer with candor and with humor.  It’s a must see place when you visit, as far as I am concerned.


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