You Can’t Say “HI” to the Dubai Metro Driver….

You can’t say HI to the Dubai Metro driver, because there is not a driver.  That’s right, the Dubai Metro is entirely driverless – the longest driverless metro in the world.  What this means is that if you sit at one of the end cars, you get an unfettered view of the tracks and the Dubai world beyond – like the best seat on the tourist bus for a fraction of the cost.  There, now you have your Dubai tourist tip of the day.  Personally, I LOVE riding the Metro.  It’s clean (NO food, drinks, cigarettes, gum, etc. allowed), and beautifully designed -my favorite is the Burjuman Metro station, which looks like an underground Grotto).  Not to mention inexpensive – meaning I have no guilt splurging on a GOLD card, which allows you access to a special car with unfettered view of the tracks AND nicer seats – you can go across town for about $3 (the trip is closer to $1 on the regular Metro card).   In Atlanta, I never really rode the metro (except to the airport) so it is exciting to be able to use public transport.    Sometimes, it’s the little things…. (oh yes, fun to ride AND COOL – both in “hip” factor AND in temperature).


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