The Big “Apple” in Dubai…

I’m going to try to make this blog post NOT seem like a commercial for Apple – but it’s going to be difficult. I swear the Dubai Mall Apple store must be the best Apple store in the Universe.  Of course I haven’t visited the rest….. but what other store has views of the fabulous Dubai fountains and lets the general public come watch the show nightly?  And giant retractable folding screens to keep out the hot sun and look like spider webs? And gives FREE classes in all sorts of things; I’ve learned about writing tools and Jimmy and I took a class together on portrait taking.  The pictures of us were shot with a new IPhone 7 plus in portrait mode – it blurs the background to make your subjects stand out.  OK, so this was an Apple commercial.  Swear I’m not getting anything from Apple for it (except those free classes, but any of you can take them!)

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