Summer in the City

Hot times, summer in the city… back of my neck feeling dirty and gritty…

but in the night it’s a different world…

With apologies to Lovin’ Spoonful, I can’t help but think of the song every day as temperatures reach 100 …. 105 …. 120 degrees (F, not C… because I am still not used to Celsius.  A subject for another blog post).   Of course, you can always go to the beach and enjoy the Gulf waters- but water temps can be 84 degrees this time of year.  So no wonder Dubaians love cool shopping malls, movie theaters, waterfalls, ice skating rinks, aquariums…. lots of water and water features, water parks, ice rinks, and AIR CONDITIONING.  Even POOLS must be chilled or you would boil like a lobster in them (tip, then: always ask if the pool is “chilled”.)  There’s an INDOOR SKI RESORT.  The theme parks are covered and air conditioned.  You get the picture.

My husband tells me it gets hotter from here; before the Fall coolness comes and we will love being outdoors it will be even hotter in August.  (Although it is never “not” hot in Dubai – even in January, 74 degrees is the norm, it will be a lot more comfortable come October.)  For now, I am learning to love a/c.  And pools with “chiller”.  They are a thriller.

Happy hot summer from Dubai!



  1. Hi Mary Anne,
    I’ve been enjoying your daily blogs and am filled with questions. Do women drive there? You are so close in proximity to Iran…what is their relationship? Do they talk about Trump much? Have you gotten to know any local Dubai women? How much of a barrier is language? It’s all very interesting to me. Harry and I love to travel but have only been to Israel (2000) and Egypt (2008) in the Middle East. Did you rent your house here in Atlanta or just close it up for a year?
    Diane Gramann


    • THANK YOU for reading, Diane! And thanks for the questions! Dubai is so different from Saudi Arabia – we are in the “UAE” which is an entirely different world. Women DO drive (me included!). Iran isn’t an issue here, really, as far as I can tell. I have met some local women, and they are charming and friendly and eager to bridge the cultural gap. Virtually everyone here speaks English, so I have had no problem whatsoever with communication. We have our house in Atlanta rented out. Please do consider coming to visit us while we are here! Much love to you!


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