Happy 4th of Dubai!

Usually on July 4th, Jimmy and I would be at our mountain house swimming, cooking out, enjoying fireworks, and marching in the Tate community parade.   THIS YEAR there was no way to get home… so we decided to celebrate the 4th with new friends in Dubai.   NO GRILLING (it’s too hot and a fire hazard)… and no fireworks (illegal, unless they are the “official” fireworks, and there are none here for U.S. Independence Day).  So I had to pan fry hot dogs (they are “smoked sausages” here, not “hot dogs”).  We purchased all beef, halal hot dogs since some of our new friends are Muslim.  (There are various rules for meat to be labeled “halal” – generally speaking, the animal must not have suffered during the slaughter; the rule pertains to respect for life.)    It was a fun and joyous occasion and we loved sharing with new friends.

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  1. I am truly enjoying your blog dear Mary Anne, meanwhile I am learning a lot about this beautiful country and believe it or not about the Moslem faith even though I am a Moslem myself. I love that Halal meat means that the animal did not suffer just to feed us! I always thought that Halal means it does not contain the meat of a pig!

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