The Big Potato in Dubai Real Estate

Dubai Real Estate Agent
Melisa, our Realtor, and Isabella, her adorable daughter

Dubai real estate agents get a bad rap.  But then, we get a bad rap in the States also.  But here the industry was largely unregulated until recently and so there were some bad experiences.  And there will always be some bad real estate agents anywhere you look.  Our experience here was the opposite.  We LOVE our real estate agent, Melisa Tomadin (pictured with me and with her daughter Isabella).  While she is relatively new to the business, she went above and beyond for us and is still helping us out weeks after we moved in (she even drove us to IKEA because our car isn’t here yet!)  I will be getting my real estate license soon, and I will be joining the Keller Williams Real Estate office where Melisa works.  I can’t wait to work with her and I appreciate her working to find the exact right apartment for us!

Melisa is from Argentina, and so her English idioms were a bit unfamiliar to us.  We figured them out right away, though.  One of them is Melisa saying that Jimmy is a “Big Potato” – she meant Big Wig, but I now call him the “Big Potato Head.”  And Melisa is the BIG POTATO in Dubai real estate for us.


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