The Green Green Grass of our New Dubai Home

There is an amazing amount of GREEN in Dubai.  It is easy to forget that this is DESERT (until you venture from the developed areas).  We still miss our acre of greenery back in Atlanta but there is more green here than I imagined.  There is even a botanical garden – although it’s only open Fall through Spring.

Every day we walk past green courtyards in our complex.  We see the green yards in Jumeirah and the parks full of grass and trees (and not only palm trees).  All made possible by extensive desalination of Gulf waters and irrigation.  It even rains on occasion, more than it might otherwise because of cloud seeding.

It still delights me when I find a public park where I can take my shoes off and FEEL the grass, but it’s nice that there is some green, some plant life other than palm trees….





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