Becoming Official….

photo-jul-26-9-01-30-am.jpgGreet the next batch of Dubai Real Estate Brokers: Nigerian, Saudi, American (me), Argentinian, and Croatian – my friends from the Real Estate Certification class are diverse, and best of all, WE PASSED the exam.   It was a fascinating exercise, not difficult but definitely different from the U.S.  The best part were the friends I met along the way – each from somewhere different (and I think we’d make a great reality show, don’t you?)  The course was conducted by a teacher who does not practice real estate himself (he was a pharmaceutical sales representative in the U.S.).  Entertaining and at times baffling, but it’s done!

To get your real estate license in Dubai, you first must have an educational certificate.  My law degree diploma sufficed, but an undergraduate diploma will also work.  Those who have not graduated from college must take a longer course.  But for my group, we were only required to take a four day class and a one hour exam – and voila!   I am not fully a Broker yet – I still must submit a Certificate of Good Conduct from the Dubai Police Department and be a part of a real estate office registered in Dubai (working on it!)

I also now have my EMIRATES I.D. (note my husband’s attempt at humor.  He labels me “Wife #1”).  That took weeks.  Basically, my husband’s work visa was processed first.  Then his residency visa (requires a blood test and chest x-ray to show you have no communicable diseases).  Then his Emirates I.D. (requires eye scan and full fingerprinting).  THEN armed with an NOC (No Objection Certificate) from my husband I went through the residency and Emirates I.D. process.  (yes, it’s required here – I must have the “okay” from my husband to get residency, to drive, and to work.  So far he has cooperated!).

We are becoming more “Dubaian” every day.



  1. Well as Wife #1 you are supposed to help find Wives #2, #3 and #4. Special permission is needed for the 5th onwards : )))))

    Also note the NOC used to be require separately for wives and un-married daughters to drive… … which usually the more embarrassing one to have to get, on the up side, when you are the RTA office for licenses and car permits, women have a short queue and or get “up-graded” to the front when you get spotted in a mixed gender queue.

    Hope it goes well for you and yours here, have fun, but remember the snow boots for the half day in the winter when it snows and the all-year-round skiing.


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