The Cereal Killer of Dubai

Cereal Killer Cafe Dubai
The Cereal Killer Strikes at Dubai Mall!

Tucked in a corner of Dubai Mall….. well, since Dubai Mall is HUGE (1200 stores, the second largest mall in the world by land area)…. there are lots of “tucked in” corners.  But tucked in one of those many corners is the CEREAL KILLER Cafe.  A hilarious concept designed (I presume) to appeal to the kid in all of us, the cafe decor is early ’80s elementary school bedroom – complete with colorful twin beds, PacMan machine, formica counters and troll dolls (remember those?).  There are some incredibly campy cereals on display like C3POs Cereal and Xena “Taste of Honey” Cereal.  The idea is that you choose your layered cereal sundae or choose from one of many on the menu like:

The Unicorn Poop:  

party rings, marshmallows, fluff, 100s & 1000s and … of course… unicorn milk.

I must confess that I don’t really know what half those ingredients are, but I do understand the “vegan” choice ingredients (and love the title)!

The “Did I Tell You I am a Vegan”?:

reeses puffs, oreos, soya milk

The concept started in London’s East End by twin brothers who came up with the concept while hung over one lunchtime, craving cereal.   From the look of Dubai’s outpost, it’s mostly kids who frequent the cereal killer here.  I am more of a purist cereal eater myself, and not one for eating in bed in the middle of a mall.  Still, it’s a fun diversion from the typical mall fare as you “troll” around Dubai Mall.

Photo Jul 21, 4 00 14 PM

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  1. The cereal killer venue is a testament to the fact that there is something for everyone at Dubai Mall. Always live Mary Snne’s blogposts!


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