Dubai Detour: The Wee Little Scottish Town of Tobermory

It is so perfect, it is like a movie set.  Multi-colored buildings along a gulf promenade of the Atlantic.  Warner Brothers couldn’t have constructed it better!  We reached the little town of Tobermory, Scotland, via train, ferry, and taxi over about five hours from Glasgow.  The train from Glasgow ends at Oban (home of the famous Oban Distillery and whiskey) and from there it is a gorgeous ferry ride to Craignure, with viewings of castles along the way.  From Craignure, there is a bus, but as we were far later than the buses run we set up a taxi service in advance (highly recommend this – if you do not, and you are there after the buses run, there are no taxis to be found).   For the first leg of the journey (Glasgow train to Craignure) Jimmy thoughtfully purchased a snack of Haggis flavored potato chips (they do NOT taste any better than the real thing, however)


The train ends in Oban, and the ferry leaves just ten minutes later.  Luckily, they are close together – but you do NOT have time to linger.  The ferry ride is gorgeous, particularly late in the day.

And finally, our day of travel ends with the taxi ride from Craignure to Tobermory.  Shout out to Chris’ Taxi Service – they were awesome and stopped along the way to let us take pictures.  It was a picture perfect day!


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