Dubai Detour: A Scottish Wedding

One of the defining moments of our trip to Scotland was a Scottish wedding and a magnificent bagpipe procession through the streets of Tobermory.   In fact, the very reason we came to Scotland and the Isle of Mull is for the wedding of friends Alex Scollon and Helen Baker.  The ceremony was held in a hilltop historic church by a minister who wore a kilt and a great sense of humor.

The minister had Alex & Helen look into each other’s eyes and “remember this moment” which was a wonderful thought.  He told the story of how they met (through OK Cupid) and joked that a date at the restaurant “Gunshow” (in Atlanta) was an interesting choice for two avowed liberals.  Alex is the Managing Director of Actor’s Express in Atlanta, which is how I came to know him (and later I helped he & Helen find and buy a house in Kirkwood).  Many others from Actor’s Express were also there to pay tribute and to celebrate.

After the service bagpipers led the wedding party through the streets to a reception at the bride’s parent’s house, then later that evening there was a dinner and Scottish dancing at a church turned into event hall on the main street of Tobermory.  It was a great way to really experience life in Scotland!

bagpipe procession
Bagpipe procession in Tobermory Scotland on the Isle of Mull after the marriage of Alex Scollon and Helen Baker.

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