Dubai Fountain’s Crazier Cousin

IMAGINE.  Imagine a water, sound, FIRE, light, laser, hologram filled show on a man made lake by Festival City (the spectacle is called “imagine”).   It is hard to imagine and even harder to explain (or to illustrate in pictures) but it is crazy and fun and fascinating all at once.

As I have explained before, here in Dubai we love WATER and we love SPECTACLE.  We also love shopping malls in the summer, when it is simply too hot to spend too much time outdoors.  But the shopping mall throngs are happy to venture outside to see water plumes-laser light-fire balls-music if the spectacle is large enough.  And at Festival City, it certainly is.

Festival City’s more sedate sister is, of course, the Dubai Fountains on the Burj Khalifa lake.  We see these very often because we live just across the street.  The Dubai Fountains use only white lights, and no video projection and no fire.   But of course they are the classic and will always draw the throngs also drawn to the Burj Khalifa (the tallest building in the world) and to the Dubai Mall (the largest shopping mall in the world).   The Dubai Fountains to me are more elegant and I generally prefer them.  But just as it is fun on occasion to see an over the top, funny, crazy movie – so, too, is it fun to visit the Dubai Fountain’s crazier cousin water show at Festival City.

(The show at Dubai’s Festival City runs nightly from 7:30 to 11pm, every half hour.  There are actually three very different shows and you can see them all over the course of one evening.   And the shows are free (excepting the shopping and eating you may do in the Mall – I recommend Motomachi Sushi and the wasabi shrimp personally….)


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