Ann & Arthur do the Dubai Mall (without shopping!)

Dubai Mall is as much an event as it is a shopping mall. So when our good friends Ann and Arthur arrived late tonight we decided that the “mall was the thing”, since we figured we only had a few hours before bed time (jet lag and Jimmy’s job require bed before midnight). Lucky for us, we live right across the street from the world’s most elaborate (and largest) shopping extravaganza. None of us are “shoppers”, really, but there is LOTS to do at Dubai Mall other than shop.

We started with the Dubai Fountains outside – a water show extraordinaire. Among the many other things to do at the Mall that do not involve a credit card:

– admire the huge moon hovering in the Souk;

– pose with the life sized camels;

– be mesmerized by the large wall of fish at the Aquarium in the Mall;

– learn about the Calatrava designed Dubai Creek Tower, that will surpass the height of the Burj Khalifa (helpful associates offer all the details as you examine the HUGE model);

– soak in the spray from the four story waterfalls;

– and at the final hour, we succumbed to a small purchase – an ice cream dipped in chocolate at Eatzi’s.

That was plenty for the night! But more freebies to look for if YOU are going and have more time:

– real dinosaur bones on display;

– a huge ice skating rink;

– a Merry Go Round;

– free coffee sampling at Nespresso.

I am sure there is more – please comment if I am missing something- who doesn’t love a night well spent without much spent!

Watching the Dubai Fountains from Souk Al Bahar

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