How to Visit 30 Countries in One Evening…

GLOBAL VILLAGE is Dubai is a cornucopia of light, sound, frolic, taste, and action.  It is really indescribable and something that must be experienced.  On its face, it did not sound that exciting to me – a place where there are different pavilions representing various countries and offering wares to purchase from that country (yawn).  Sounded to me like yet another shopping mall, albeit a more interesting concept than most.

But Global Village is much more – and it is visually incredible.  My favorite part is that each pavilion seems to house people from that actual country, selling wares from that actual country.  I am not sure why this surprised me, since Dubai is a land of diversity and therefore authenticity in culture (for example, the Jamaican restaurant near us has a chef, waiters, and maitre d’ all FROM Jamaica.  Ditto the Syrian restaurant, the Mexican restaurant…. all featuring staff native to the country represented and serving authentic ethnic food).

And I was also impressed by the PERFORMANCES.  LOTS of them, throughout the Global Village.  That alone is worth the cost of admission, which is decidedly inexpensive (only 15 Dhs, which is $4 U.S.).  The performances are also cultural for the most part, except for the MONSTER TRUCK show, but I bet kids LOVE that show (and perhaps it’s American culture?  I think I will leave it at that).

Parking is free if you do not mind being farther away.  The “close up” parking, though, is expensive relative to the entry price.  I paid 200 Dhs ($54) to park close to the entry gates (we had walked a lot that day and had visitors from the U.S. with us).

So go ahead – it is easy to visit 30 countries in one evening, without even bothering with a visa.  Plus monster trucks – !





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