Dubai Upside Down

So, we flew in a drone around downtown and then crashed into the Burj Khalifa….

Whew.  Talk about an adrenaline rush.  My husband Jimmy and I decided not to act our ages one night, and so we went into the new Virtual Reality Park in Dubai Mall.  The Dubai Drone experience is the one where you crash into the Burj Khalifa (virtually, of course).  It was so intense I had to close my eyes A LOT (more than I care to admit, but I did see the crash….).   The Park has some very scary rides like that one, and then some very tame options like the Arena, where you stand in a box and virtual creatures come out to get you.  The dinosaur did bite Jimmy’s head off, but that was just temporary.  Since we are from Atlanta, near where the Walking Dead is filmed, we HAD to try the Walking Dead experience, and I am sorry to say that our geographic proximity to the filming did not give us the upper hand –  we were both eaten by zombies.  Just glad we live to tell the tale.

The VR Park is near the Dubai Mall cinema and a fun thing to try after a movie (if you dare….).  You buy credits and each ride takes a different amount of credits (sort of like a carnival).   We did the Dubai Drone, the Walking Dead, and a tour of Paris for about 120 Dhs (32 dollars) each.  We bought via the Silver Card, which gives you an Arena experience free (that was the dinosaur encounter).  The staff is amazingly cheerful, welcoming and helpful (they must have a great training program at VR Park) which was great, since the virtual reality thing was new to us.  (They did ask a few too many times if we had any heart conditions, but we will not take it personally – perhaps they ask the young folks that as well….)

VR Park Dubai Mall entrance
Enter the VR Park at your own risk…..
Virtual Reality Bus Tours at VR Park Dubai Mall
The virtual reality bus goes to Rome, Paris, Tokyo, Washington D.C,. and DUBAI (hey, just walk out of the mall to see Dubai…..)
Dubai Turned Upside Down
At VR Park, Dubai Downtown is turned UPSIDE DOWN. This is my husband Jimmy beside the toppled Burj Khalifa.
The Walking Dead experience at VR Park in Dubai Mall
My husband Jimmy contemplating the Walking Dead experience at VR Park, Dubai Mall. We did go – sorry to say, we were both eaten by zombies.

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