Coca Cola Dubai Symphony

I took a double take at the Dubai Mall’s new extension, Fashion Avenue – WHOA.  A gigantic Coca Cola bottle?  In Pink?  Oh yes, and what’s this 50 piece symphony doing here?

Sometimes I forget that I am halfway around the world; after all, a mall is a mall is a mall, and while none other in the world are as large as the DUBAI MALL the stores themselves are not that different than in the States.  Still, I was taken aback (for a moment) by the large Atlanta icon, not in its traditional colors (cola color, clear, or red) but in PINK!

The store Symphony is a unique store (this one in Dubai is the first one in the world) that offers “modest clothing”; dressy clothes that are modest in accordance with Islamic principles.  As it turns out, even brands halfway around the world would like to harness the public goodwill accorded Coca Cola by entering into marketing agreements allowing such things as… well…. a giant branded Coca Cola bottle.  And since the Symphony store’s signature color is pink, it only follows that the Coke bottle will be the same color – and have the DUBAI SKYLINE etched on it as well.

Big doings for a store opening – a gigantic coke bottle – a symphony in the Mall.  My first reaction was that for a dressy dress store, would not a champagne tie-in be more appropriate?  But OF COURSE not – this is a Muslim country, and alcohol would NOT be an appropriate marketing partner.  So Coca Cola – the REAL THING – is the real thing.  Sometimes even in Dubai I get a glimpse of home.

(If you are not aware, Coca Cola is headquartered in my hometown of Atlanta, Georgia….)


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