Walking Like an Egyptian in Dubai

In a city where summer temperatures can top 120 degrees, not surprisingly a good air conditioned shopping mall is a popular place to be – and here in Dubai there are LOTS of them.  In an earlier blog post I opined that the Dubai shopping mall has become the new town square, and malls here usually have lots more to do than just shop.  They often include amusement parks, art galleries (and indeed, some malls are themselves like art galleries), ice skating rinks, and even ski slopes.

WAFI Mall does not have many of those extras, but has a charm all its own.  It is Ancient Egpytian themed, so here you will find model Pharoahs, pyramids, hieroglyphics, stained glass scenes of ancient Egypt, and even a below ground extensive souk modeled after a famous caravansersai 14th century souk in Bahgdad.  (A caravanserai was a place for ancient middle east caravans to stop on a long journey).

Is it worth making a special trip to Wafi Mall?  You decide.  I go here to grocery shop and brought my husband along to sight see for one trip.  The tourist staple “Big Bus” stops here, so if you are on that bus it is definitely worth a stop to check out the souks and grab something to drink.   The below ground souks can be difficult to find; the entrance is somewhat out of the way.  Stop at one of the information booths to ask where to go.  It is great alternative during the summer months if you wanted to go to the old souks but cannot brave the heat.

My husband Jimmy, the architect, says like much of Dubai, Wafi Mall is “over the top” and perhaps more Egyptian than Egypt(?)  Steve Martin would have a heyday here.



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