This Dubai Art Exhibit Really Smells….

This Dubai Art Exhibit really smells…. amazing.  This was a first for me.  I have never experienced an art exhibit of “scents” (I was about to say that I have never “seen” such an exhibit, but of course sight is not the only sense involved here!)

“The Art of Scent” is in the new Dubai Mall Fashion Avenue extension, and as the program describes:

“There is an art medium as unknown as it is important, a medium that is the equal of paint, clay and music but that is only now starting to become understood – and the works created in it recognized as great works of art.  That medium is scent materials.  The works of art created in it are perfumes.”

 From the booklet “The Art of Scent”, intro by Chandler Burr, curator

Each of the eleven scents are paired with a different work of art found in the wing, which is fun concept which also serves to encourage scent-goers to seek out the work of art that is paired with a favorite scent.  My favorite scent and pairing was “Fig Tea” paired with the artwork “Camelot”, a green floating dress also on display nearby.

Unfortunately, the internet does not (yet) allow me to share with you the scent, so you will just have to go see (make that smell!) for yourself….



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