Right as Rain

Dubai is the desert, where rain is precious. The government even has airplane pilots on standby, ready to take to the skies to seed clouds for rain whenever the clouds are “right” for that. Most every day is sunny – in fact in the last year here I can recall seeing it rain only five times (and I say “times” rather than days, since even when it does rain it’s never a full day of rain, but only a precious few hours, or perhaps even minutes).

So what better art installation to quench the thirst than the RAIN ROOM in Sharjah – a dedicated box like building where there is constant rain, but get this – you don’t get wet (unless you want to). As long as you walk slowly enough sensors stop the rain wherever you stand. It’s fun and fascinating; even more so when we went because a dance company was performing in the rain.

Rain Room is by “Random International” and the Sharjah Art Foundation installation is its first permanent installation. The dance company is Wayne McGregor performing to music appropriately titled “Rainlight” by composer Max Richter. www.sharjahart.org

The Rain Room is a beautiful illuminated box – a dedicated building for the permanent art installation. #rainroomsharjah #sharjahartfoundation
My husband Jimmy enjoying #rainroomsharjah #sharjahartfoundation
Wayne McGregor dancers at #rainroomsharjah
The dedicated building at #rainroomsharjah is simple and sleek.
#rainroomsharjah #sharjahartfoundation

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