2017-03-23 18.37.25Marhaba!  WELCOME to my blog about the World’s Fastest City, Dubai!  (Also known as: the “City of Gold” and the “City of Superlatives”).   I will explore all of the nicknames in future blog posts, but for now it IS the world’s fastest city to us because we moved here in a FLASH for my husband Jimmy’s job – he is an architect,  and I can’t think of a more exciting place for his profession.  I am a real estate agent and an attorney, and I will work here in Dubai as well (Inshallah, or God willing…).  I also still have my real estate team in Atlanta, which with my move has become international!

Here I will share my thoughts and impressions of this wondrous place.  I THANK YOU for visiting my blog and encourage you to please subscribe and comment frequently!  I look forward to sharing our adventures with you.

TO FOLLOW THE BLOG, simply click follow on the lower right hand corner of this page.  You can see all my blog posts by clicking “Archives” to the right of this post.


  1. Welcome to Dubai! Congratulations Mary! Very interesting blog … all the best of luck for you and your husband . Greetings . Maia


  2. Mary Anne, what a clever title! I find myself singing it every time I think of your new adventure! I look forward to reading your new blog. Congratulations on the launch AND your fabulous new life experience.


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