Three Dimensional in Dubai

One of the many things I love about Dubai is the PUBLIC ART.  It is everywhere, ever changing and often unexpected.  Much of it is amusing and delightful.  La Mer, a beachfront development here, has an abundance of outdoor murals (and the architecture and design of the place itself is art, but that is for another blog post).   As part of “Dubai Canvas”  (a Dubai Government  sponsored initiative) La Mer hosts a 3D art festival and the works are incredible.  I had never experienced a 3D art show before; it is really mind blowing.  What is so amazingly cool to me is not only how a two dimensional art work can trick your eye into seeing it in three dimensions, but also the delight of festival goers as they become A PART OF the art, making it come to life by their presence in the canvas.  This is the 4th year of the festival – if you missed it this year, don’t miss it next year!  (The festival changes venues, so be sure to check location)(it ends March7th in 2018, so if you’re reading before then, hurry over!)

Dubai Canvas 3D Festival Drone Art
My husband Jimmy flies in a remote control drone – while sitting on the ground.
2018-03-02 11.25.42
I am standing on flat ground – but it sure looks like I’m on top of a stack of boxes!
2018-03-02 11.59.07
This is one of our favorites – and happily, it will remain a permanent mural after the Dubai Canvas 3D festival is over.
2018-03-02 12.08.13-2
Yes, that’s my husband Jimmy levitating – I mean laying on the ground. Incredible!
2018-03-02 13.33.39
How do they do this? A flat work of art becomes 3D!
2018-03-02 13.42.08-1
Another of our favorites. Yes, we are standing on flat ground. The 3D effect is amazing!





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