Dubai’s Van Gogh Experience

The “Van Gogh Alive Experience” in Dubai is not very “alive” but is definitely an experience.  An “immersion”, the show involves multiple projectors set up everywhere in a large room – truly, everywhere, from the floor to multiple screens to the ceiling – projecting images of van Gogh’s work along with quotes from the  artist accompanied by a classical soundtrack.  You lie on beanbags on the floor to soak it all in.    There is also an exhibit explaining the phases of his life and work relating to each phase, and even an area where you can try drawing in Van Gogh’s style yourself.  All in all, not an experience that will “blow you away” but a fine (and air conditioned) way to spend a warm Spring afternoon in Dubai.

I suggest you spend some time with the exhibits carrying you through stages of Van Gogh’s life.  It’s fascinating to see how his work in each period corresponds with what was happening in his life at the time that they were painted.    I was familiar with many of his works and of course the fact that he cut off his ear…. But learned much more about his fascinating life, works, and demise.  And being more familiar with the phases of his life and work makes the media show all the more entertaining.

The Experience is found in a large building near the D3 (the Dubai Design District) and runs through April 23rd.   Definitely take some time before or after to have a meal, coffee, or just walk through D3 and its many modern outdoor art delights (my favorite are the TALLLL chairs and the astroturf loungers….).

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